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I have read in many books to get the best health benefit from Tai Chi practice at sunrise and sunset.  This really makes the most sense to me for many reasons. One reason is that you begin and end your day with some healthy form of moving meditation exercise. Another reason might be that you are doing such a beneficial mind-body exercise at the same time the day is exchanging its energy from day to night and vice versa.  For the most part, I practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung every day but it is usually whenever I can fit it...

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Whenever I practice my Tai Chi form inside or outside I like to listen to music. It is true music can really excite or relax you. I like to use relaxing music while I practice my Tai Chi form it puts me in a very peaceful state which is perfect for Tai Chi. Sometimes I keep the music volume loud enough so that I cannot hear external sounds, other times low enough that the music is only background noise. One day I forgot my earbuds and played my music very low through my iPhone speaker. This time I paid attention to both...

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Practicing the Tai Chi form outside is really good training to keep you in your center. When I first started practicing outdoors I was a little embarrassed, what would others think? Often I am in the midst of the form when I notice someone in the distance observing me. What if I forget the next move? What if I stumble and don’t have perfect balance? Someone might think I don’t know what I am doing. A mix of thoughts goes through my head. I am no longer able to keep in my center. Now when I practice the form I...

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